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The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War-2019-Rick Joyner

The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War-Week 1, 2019-Rick Joyner

On December 14, 2018, I had a dream about various attacks coming upon our country. I was also shown those who would be sent out to counter each one.In the dream, I was waiting in line to be sent to fight one of these enemies when I was approached by an angel and told that I had a different assignment. I was then taken to a large device that was showing “A History of The American Republic from Heaven’s Perspective.”As I watched this, I saw that if I walked across the face of this device, to my right the times progressed toward the present. I decided to go to the end to see heaven’s perspective on what was happening now. When I came to the present, there was a sentence written in brilliant glowing golden letters: “The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War is inevitable, it is right, and it will be successful.”From what I had seen as I walked to see the present, I understood why this Revolutionary/Civil War was “inevitable” and why it was “right.” As I stood pondering this, feeling that this might be the most important revelation I had ever been trusted with, I woke up. I felt that I had been given access to this history of “The American Republic” from heaven’s perspective, and that I would be going back to it for more understanding to help us prepare for what is to unfold.We are already in the first stages of “The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War.” I know this leads to many questions, such as: What are the sides? What are the issues? What is right about it? Most important of all, what does success in this war look like from heaven’s perspective? As the saying goes, “If we do not change our direction we will end up where we are headed.” We don’t have to be a prophet to see that we’re headed for civil war. Even so, before the dream I felt that we still had a long way to go before it became “inevitable.” In the dream, I saw that we had already crossed that line and it is now upon us, so we must change our strategy from trying to avoid it to winning it. To do this, we must have heaven’s view of what winning looks like.From heaven’s perspective, we did not win the Revolutionary War. From heaven’s perspective, that war was about more than just gaining our independence—it was about liberty and a revolution in the government of men that would establish and maintain liberty and justice for all. Some significant things were accomplished in this war, but there were also some very basic ways that it fell far short of what heaven viewed as successful. If the Founders had truly believed that all men were created equal—what they declared to be the reason for seeking independence—then slavery would not have been possible and the Civil War would not have been inevitable.If the Civil War had been successful according to heaven’s perspective, then there would not have been a need for such things as the Civil Rights Movement or many of the conflicts we are still fighting. The Union may have prevailed in crushing the rebellion and ended slavery, which was essential, but it did not prevail in a way that established justice and equality for all. We will not accomplish our purpose as a nation until there is justice and liberty for all. This is why both the Revolutionary War and Civil War must be fought again until there is a “successful” conclusion according to heaven’s perspective.In the American Republic, liberty and justice are not just skewed because of race, but they are also perverted by wealth, fame, politics, and other factors. If liberty and justice are distorted at all it will be in both directions. The wealthy may be able to afford lawyers that can get them out of just about anything, but their wealth can also make them targets. The same is true of the famous, the politically strong, etc.Heaven does not expect anything on earth to be perfect in this age. In fact, the Scriptures state that even the best on the earth is but a shadow of the heavenly, and the best on the earth now will still be but a shadow of what is to come. However, when we are in the shadow of something, we are very close to the real. The American Republic is called to be much closer to liberty and the justice for all than we have yet attained. We are called to be an example of these to the nations, not an example of the dysfunction of government that we have now become.We must also have heaven’s perspective on war. We tend to think of war as pitched battles between standing armies, but what is unfolding will not be like the Revolutionary War or the Civil War in that way. There are some parallels with those wars that will relate to our times, but many will not. However, this does not mean that what we are now facing will be easier. The whole world is entering the most trying times there has ever been. What we will be given to face them is a sure hope from above that the outcome will be “successful.”For at least the first part of this year, I will be elaborating on the things I was shown in this dream.

The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War, Part 2-Week 2, 2019-Rick Joyner

Heaven’s perspective of war can be very different than our human perspective. We tend to see the battles, which side prevails, and then which side exerts its will over the other. Heaven tends to look at them as how justice or injustice prevails. War is an ultimate evil, but war is inevitable until the end of this age, just as we see them right to the end of the Book of Revelation.There are times when an even worse evil would prevail without war, and so there are righteous wars. In these it would be unrighteous, and even evil, not to fight for what is right. However, in most wars there is a mixture of good and evil intent, prosecution of the war, and outcomes. In this age, there will be a mixture of good and evil in virtually everything. Because of this, if we wait to have perfect motives or perfect conditions, we will likely not do anything. The best solution to an issue can be just a little better than the worst solution. It takes wisdom to know what to do, but it often takes even more to know when to do it.I fully understand that without having the experience that I had in the dream, you are not likely to have the level of conviction that I might have about some of these things. Some you may agree with inherently, and some you may disagree with. However, because of the nature of this dream, I must be bolder than I’ve ever been about some things I am going to share.The first part of this dream I was given was for understanding the strategy that will be successful in this war. There will be champions raised up that will go out to attack the specific evil strongholds in our nation. These evils were things like bigotry, greed, selfish ambition, hatred, rebellion, pride, etc. In the dream, all of these evils were in trees, which speaks of them having roots and branches. To defeat them, one must not waste time flailing at the branches, but rather put an ax to the root of the tree.America is not the kingdom of God or the New Jerusalem. I have searched our history for evidence that we had a special covenant with God, and I have not found it. Men have made covenants with God for the nation, but that is not the biblical criteria for a covenant God is obligated to, even if made by a leader of a nation. Every covenant of God originated with God not man, and there is a clear and supernatural demonstration that He made the covenant. I may have missed it, but I could not find this in our national history.That being said, there is much evidence that America was dedicated to God. Dedications can originate with man, and everything dedicated to God is holy, or sanctified. There are special benefits and judgments that come with a dedication. The favor of God is worth more than any earthly treasure or other resource. However, because everything dedicated to God is holy, a nation dedicated to God cannot do some things other nations may be able to get away with.Purpose is the greatest favor of God that we have received for this dedication. We were given a purpose to be a nation that demonstrated the liberty and justice that all people were created to have. It is written that “where the Spirit of The Lord is there is liberty” (see II Corinthians 3:17). This is why The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was put in the Garden. There could be no true obedience unless there was the freedom to disobey. Freedom and free will is at the core of what we were created to be.Our founding documents are not Scripture, but they were inspired by God in order to reveal and lead us to our destiny. It is because we have this calling that when we drift from it, troubles come. Having a clear vision of our destiny and getting back on the path to fulfilling it is crucial to our continued existence.Our discord increases the more we deviate from our purpose. As discussed, one of our basic purposes as a nation was to establish a place where it is understood that “all men are created equal” and also practiced. In heaven, this, not independence, was the main issue with the Revolutionary War. Because our main purpose was compromised and hypocritically disregarded after the Revolutionary War, the Civil War became inevitable. If the American Republic had really believed that all men were created equal, then slavery, and even discrimination based on race, could not have remained possible.The Civil War may have eradicated slavery, at least in its most diabolical form, but it did not go as far as establishing that “all men are created equal.” This is just one factor in our mandate that has yet to be fulfilled. We can be thankful for the progress that has been made in eradicating discrimination in America, and there has been notable progress, but it is still far from the place we are called to be. We have now come to the point where increasing conflict is inevitable until we recover a clear vision of the mandate we were given as a nation and resolve to fully obey it.What does that look like?

The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War, Part 3-Week 3, 2019-Rick Joyner

What I was shown in my dream was specifically for “The American Republic,” but I was also shown that many of the same battles we will be fighting will also be common to many nations. Basically, these battles in the nations are for determining whether they will be a “sheep” or a “goat” nation. The Great Commission was to disciple nations, not just individuals, not just teaching them to believe all that He commanded, but also to obey all that He commanded.The Reformation was a major step forward in recovering biblical truth, but its emphasis was more on believing the right things than actually doing them. All nations have fallen short of their purpose, including Israel, as the Scriptures make clear. One reason the nations have fallen short is because there is so little demonstration of what actual obedience to the truth looks like by the church. This is why “judgment begins with the household of God” (see I Peter 4:17).As heaven’s perspective on history and current events can be very different from ours, our basic devotion must be to see with The Lord’s eyes, hear with His ears, and understand with His heart. This was what The Holy Spirit was given for, and this is how we are led into “all truth.”Most of us have witnessed spiritual battles that resulted in everything from church splits to divorces, and God was on both sides. God hates divorce, and He hates war. He usually has sons and daughters on both sides, and in many ways He can be on both sides. He’s not confused about the issues, but He is for people more than politics.God is not a Democrat or a Republican, a liberal or a conservative. We can be right in our political beliefs, but be wrong in spirit. We can likewise be wrong in our politics but have a right spirit of love, faith, and humility that pleases The Lord more than those who have right politics. This is why, to the confusion of many historians, there can be evidence of divine favor on both sides during a war. Abraham Lincoln discerned that our Civil War was God’s judgment on both sides. This might explain why the Union was obviously on the right side of some of the crucial issues being fought over, but the Southern armies experienced some of the greatest revivals in American history during the war.Perhaps The Lord moved so mightily upon the Southern armies because “where sin abounds grace does that much more abound” (see Romans 5:20), and He was seeking to change their hearts on the issues. Perhaps it was because it is often true that those who can be right on issues are wrong in spirit, and God will always resist the proud and give His grace to the humble. It was likely a combination of both. The point is that we like to have all issues neatly in black and white, but human issues are far more complicated than that. We are in desperate need of heaven’s perspective. The higher the place that we can see from, the more sense it all makes.In the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, both sides were fighting for parts of the divine mandate. It was the arrogance of the victors in both of these wars that blinded them to just and righteous issues for which the other side was fighting. Neither side was totally right or wrong, but the victors disregarded the consideration that the losers might have been right about some of the issues. Such is human politics. Since the victors always write the histories of such conflicts, the just issues on the losing side are often buried after the war. We can bury them as deep as we want, but when they are a divine mandate they will not go away. Rather, they will rise again and be in our face until they are resolved by our obeying them.It is also easy to see how these same principles might apply to all human relationships. We can win an argument because we are mostly right, but be wrong about some of it. Those issues will very likely surface again later, and often as a bigger problem. The revelation of the great conflict of our times includes principles that may illuminate the basis for our conflict in other more personal relationships, such as our families, jobs, or neighborhoods. We cannot expect to resolve the great national and international conflicts if we cannot solve them in ourselves, our families, or in the church.When I spoke to a number of senators and congressmen in Washington a few years ago, entreating them to show courage, one of them took me aside and said, “You would see a lot more courage in Washington if we saw any in the church.” He was right.It’s been said that “Courage is the first principle of leadership, because without it nothing else will stand.” We have come to a time when courage is rare, and that makes it even more valuable. Perhaps this is why the cowards are the first to get thrown into the lake of fire at the end of the Book of Revelation. We may think that love and faith are more important, and they are, but courage is the evidence that one has love and faith.As we are told in I Corinthians 13:8, “Love never fails.” This could have been interpreted as “Love never quits.” We will quit for any other reason but love. This is why the foundation of those who will be on the winning side will be love for their country and for their countrymen. However, most of all it will be love for God who has given us something so wonderful, even if it yet has flaws.

The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War, Part 4-Week 4, 2018-Rick Joyner

Wars have been fought for different reasons. There have been religious, political, and economic wars. Some have been just for conquest. Some have been fought because one monarch was insulted by another, which is why Napoleon invaded Russia. Many have been fought over combinations of the above. Some of the most ugly and devastating of all have been racist wars.Every war is the result of some failure in human relations. Potentially great and devastating wars have also been avoided by remarkable statesmanship. The Lord has a special heart and place for the peacemakers. These should be esteemed more in our history than those successful at war, but they are not. Even so, as we are told in Ecclesiastes 3, there is a time for war and a time for peace. If it is time for war, then those who do not fight are the ones out of step with the times.As we see in Scripture, there will be war until the end of this age. It is right to seek peaceful conclusions to our disputes, until war begins. Then we must fight, and we must fight to win. If we are going to win from heaven’s perspective, we must also fight the right way.Some of the most touching stories of war are things like the troops on both sides in our American Civil War and in World War I singing Christmas carols to their enemies in the trenches. It brought a poignant realization that brothers in Christ were facing each other, and the next day would try to kill each other. How could this be right? War is an ultimate human failure. War is one of the devil’s biggest victories. His intent is to kill and destroy, and nothing accomplishes this in a bigger way than war. So why don’t we refuse to fight them? Because the devil, and those controlled by him, will not. To refuse to fight in an inevitable or right war is not choosing to do what is right. Rather, it is to submit to evil. There are righteous wars. When it is right and time to fight, we will be in rebellion if we do not do our part.Even The Lord says repeatedly in Scripture that He, our Leader, is a Warrior. Israel left Egypt as “a great mixed multitude,” or a mob, but before they even got to the Red Sea they were “marching in martial array,” or military order. Presently, the body of Christ is one big mob, with some groupings and associations but lacking in overall definition and discipline. This will soon change for the remnant that is left.In every civil war, Christian leaders from both sides have claimed that theirs was the right side. This can be confusing. We must resolve to be sure we are fighting on the right side and for the right cause. When this is established, the most merciful way is to fight to win decisively and as quickly as possible.Harry Truman was right when he said that “Most people are defeated by their secondary successes.” This means that they got distracted from their ultimate objective after achieving lesser ones. There are many examples of this in history, and Truman was likely correct to say this happens to “most people.” It was true in our Revolutionary and Civil Wars. How do we avoid this deadly trap? We must determine now what the ultimate objectives are—anything less than these would be a defeat.I have an opinion of what ultimate victory in the unfolding Revolutionary/Civil War looks like, but I don’t want to share it and I don’t even want to have it. What we need, and what I’m begging for, is heaven’s perspective on this. My dream on December 14, 2018 was just a small beginning of this for me. It does not matter how mature we are in Christ or how successful we have been as a steward of His mysteries—it is a terrible presumption to think that He is just like us and that His opinions are the same as ours. I am a religious conservative, and I try to keep in mind that it was the religious conservatives that were the worst enemies of Christ when He walked the earth. Why? If you look at their doctrine, the Pharisees were generally correct in most of their beliefs. They were the most devoted to being faithful to the Scriptures and were carrying the greatest hope for the Messiah. Yet, they resisted Him more than any other group when He came! Why? Again, we can be right in our politics, our policies, and our beliefs, but have pride that is more deadly than the evil we are fighting. Pride caused the first fall and virtually every fall since. We can be right but not be righteous. For winning the present war, it is crucial to not just fight for what is right, but to do it in the right spirit. We must fight for right and we must do it right.In the Revolutionary War, the “Patriots” who wanted independence were about 30% of the population. The “Loyalists” who wanted to remain British subjects were also about 30%. The other 40% were undecided, or tended to switch sides according to who was winning. Today, we have about 30% who are liberal, 30% conservative, and the 40% that are still undecided or wavering. Soon all will have to choose a side. Now is the time to resolve what we believe in.

The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War, Part 5-Week 5, 2019-Rick Joyner

In the dream that I was given about the “Second American Revolutionary/Civil War,” the first part was about the strategy for this war. The symbolism may seem odd, but if you stick with me for a little bit, it gives important insights into what we must do now.The dream began with a long line of people waiting to tee off at a golf course. After each one teed off, they were told about the enemy they were to look for to destroy. This enemy was in the trees along the fairway. I was waiting in line for my turn when an angel came up to me and said I had a different assignment. That’s when I was taken to the device that revealed the history of the American Republic from heaven’s perspective.Golf, like many games, can mirror an aspect of life. The goal is to get the ball in a hole that has a flag, or standard, over it. Each hole on the course is different from the others. No two shots will be the same, so you must judge several conditions on each shot, such as distance to the hole, wind, and elevation. You may know exactly what you should do, but actually doing it the way you want is another matter. To be successful, you need to stay in the fairway, or let’s say “the way.” If you go too far to either the right or left, you will go out of bounds and that brings a serious penalty.I don’t want to bore you with a golf lesson here, but having played golf for many years, this part of the dream made perfect sense to me as a strategy for winning the Revolutionary/Civil War. To some degree, if we are going to understand prophetic symbolism, we must learn that The Lord likes to use puns. We are told in Psalm 2:4 that He “sits in the heavens and laughs.” This may be because He thinks they are funny, but they can also powerfully convey understanding.In this dream, those who were teeing off were going to find the enemy they were assigned to destroy. This is insight about what “tees us off” will be what we are called to fight. For example, those who are the most disturbed and agitated by human trafficking should take that as a sign that they are called to fight this enemy. For others, it could be things like racism, or the sowing of immorality in school curriculum. These are not random provocations intended to irritate us; they are calls to action. We must all consider how we can be a part of fighting what provokes us the most and what Scripture defines as evil.Again, for Christians the Scriptures are clear that our battle is never against people, but rather against the demonic forces that are manifested through ideologies and deceptions that bind, and ultimately, destroy them. Our victory is not to kill and wound, but to heal and lead people to the path of life. We are not fighting to conquer people or to just win the argument, but we fight to establish the truth that sets people free.How does that work when a spiritual or philosophical war breaks out into violence? These are the kinds of issues we need to settle in our hearts now, because the confused are almost certain to be casualties in what is unfolding.We may also think that if God hates war then His people should stay out of the conflict. God does hate war, but as we touched on before, He is declared to be a warrior in a number of Scriptures. No doubt that if we followed Him more fully, our disputes would not come to war. However, as we are told in Ecclesiastes 3, there is a time for war. There are times when war is inevitable, and times when it is right to fight. What I was shown in the dream is that this Second American Revolutionary/Civil War is inevitable, it is right, and it will be successful.At this writing, I do not know now what or how it happened, but in this dream I knew that somehow we had just crossed a line that made this second Revolutionary/Civil War inevitable. There will not be a peaceful solution to the conflicts that have arisen in our country. Even so, I will continually pray that this be won decisively and with the fewest possible casualties and the least damage as possible.Why this is called a Revolutionary and Civil War is important. Much of what we need to understand the great battles of our times lies in understanding these conflicts because so many of them were fought over in these wars, but not settled.Also, wars come in many forms. The Cold War brought about the greatest geopolitical change in history, but it was not fought with traditional weapons, but rather with banks and currencies. It was an economic war more than a political or military one. Just as in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, many of the issues that the Cold War was fought over were not decisively defeated, and now they have risen to face us again.We must not forget that the most powerful weapons of all are the “divinely powerful weapons” that we have been entrusted with. Truth articulated under the anointing is more powerful than any bomb. Though there will be physical conflict in what is now unfolding, the most important issues will be the spiritual and moral ones, especially our devotion to liberty for all—that everyone be treated equally and fairly under the law and with opportunity.

The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War, Part 6-Week 6, 2019-Rick Joyner

Even a cursory study of history reveals that many of the issues over which the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars were fought are not settled. These issues have continued to be points of conflict in our country. Many of the issues have evolved and are not in the exact same form, but basically, our present struggle continues to be about independence, liberty, freedom from the bondage of oppressive government, and equal justice under the law—for all.How does this fit with the next Great Awakening that so many have prophesied, including myself? The First Great Awakening preceded the Revolutionary War. The Second Great Awakening preceded the Civil War. It is easy to see a direct link between the messages of these Great Awakenings and how they ignited these wars. Their light exposed darkness to the degree that it could no longer be tolerated. Likewise, the light already being revealed from the emerging Awakening in this time is causing great agitation in our land. The issues have morphed in a lot of ways, but they are basically the same ones that were fought over in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.Some historians concluded that the American Revolution began when George Whitefield was forbidden to preach in the Church of England and began preaching in open fields to the common people. This was in the 1730s, almost half a century before the Revolutionary War, but sometimes seeds take a while to germinate, sprout, and bear fruit. So how did the light that Whitefield brought sow the seeds of American independence? Whitefield began preaching to the common people in a town of coal miners that were considered lowly. They considered themselves too unworthy to even have a church in their town. To the shock of all who heard Whitefield, especially these miners, he began to declare that they were the true royalty in the earth—“the royal priesthood” if they gave their lives to Christ and followed Him. In the class sensitive England of the time, this was shockingly revolutionary.These lowly miners could not fathom being allowed to get within sight of the royal family, yet Whitefield was telling them that if they were in Christ, they were of even higher royal stature than the British royal family. This seed became the doctrine that “all men are created equal,” and that who we are in spirit, in relation to Christ, are more important than any earthly, human lineage. As the Apostle Paul wrote, we should therefore no longer judge people after the flesh—after externals—but after the Spirit. As Martin Luther King, Jr. later paraphrased this, he had a dream that we would not judge each other by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character. That we would be a nation where this is true, the real “American dream” and one that heaven has given to us.So Whitefield’s messages implied that the poorest miner who followed Christ was of a higher stature than earthly royalty. These miners gave their lives to Him by the thousands. Soon Whitefield, who had filled many churches with the hundreds who sought to hear him, now had trouble finding fields big enough to hold the thousands who sought to hear this message. It was not just Whitefield’s remarkable ability as an orator that drew the crowds, but also a foundational aspect of the Gospel that for centuries had not been so articulated. Once again “the poor had the Gospel preached to them.” There is nothing on earth as revolutionary as the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When it is preached, revolution is inevitable—even where it is claimed to already be Christian.When Whitefield brought to the colonies this message that so elevated “the common man,” the crowds swelled to tens of thousands. Many of his crowds were larger than the population of the cities in which he preached. People would travel for days or even weeks to hear him. They drove their buggies, rode their mules and horses, and even walked to hear the great evangelist when it was published that he would be in a certain city on a certain date.Whitefield also preached in humble, small churches. He did not seem to be a respecter of people or crowd size. Some of these small meetings may have had as much impact on the destiny of the nation as the larger ones. When he spoke at the Polegreen Church just north of Richmond, Virginia, the little church of less than a hundred people later became known as “the womb of the Revolution.”Sitting in that small audience were some destined to be called the fathers of the nation. Patrick Henry was one of those. He  lived only a few hundred yards from the Polegreen Church, but the passion for liberty born in him that day would soon fire the nation.Again, the main seed that sprouted and became a revolution was the Gospel that elevated the common man to being sons and daughters of The King of kings. This was the seed that became the message that “all men are created equal.” This led to the previously unimagined concept that government existed for the people and not the other way around.In the world at that time, there was no other place and no other government that considered this concept. This was the basis for what is called “American exceptionalism.” To be exceptional does not necessarily mean better, but rather just different. In this case, it was better. The American Republic became the exception to every other government in the world.This is why many historians believe that the First Great Awakening was the beginning of the Revolutionary War. However, the Revolutionary War did not win this freedom for all and did not result in all men being treated equally. A whole class of people were still treated worse than the coal miners that Whitefield had first preached this message to. This made an even more devastating war necessary, and the revolution continues to this day.

The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War, Part 7-Week 7, 2019-Rick Joyner

The ultimate issue of both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars can be summed up in one word—LIBERTY. True freedom requires liberty and justice for all. We are still fighting for these, and this war will not be over until they are realized as fully as they can be on this earth. To pursue this is the calling and destiny of the American Republic.The Divine wisdom given to our American Founding Fathers that became our Constitution and Bill of Rights was for a government structure that contained built in relief valves—ones that enabled the peaceful settling of injustices and infringement on our freedoms. Departure from the wisdom in these founding documents is the reason for virtually every conflict and crisis we are now facing as a nation. These will not be resolved without reconnecting to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. For this reason, the ultimately successful strategy in the Second American Revolutionary/Civil War will be to fight for their restoration as “the supreme law of the land.”Both major American political parties, the left and the right, are guilty of failing to keep their vows to defend the Constitution. Neither party is now capable of recovering what has been lost in our “constitutional republic.” A new movement is coming that will restore the Constitution to its rightful place so that we can become the nation we are called to be. The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War will be to complete what was begun by the first ones.As stated previously, the First and Second Great Awakenings preceded the Revolutionary and Civil Wars respectively. The messages that came out of those Awakenings caused those wars. They also presented an even higher way for those wars to be avoided. If the political leaders of the time had truly embraced the truths of those Awakenings and had the courage to obey them, both of those wars could have been avoided and the trajectory of our nation toward our calling and destiny would have been much easier and cleaner. As we see from the beginning of history until now, men rarely choose the easy way.Great Britain, which lost the American colonies to a large degree because of the hardliners in Parliament, learned their lesson. While led by some of the same people whose hardline response to the grievances of the colonies caused the Revolutionary War, they softened to the message raise by Wilberforce about the evils of slavery and eradicated it in the Empire without a great war.That which can be accomplished without war is always preferable. However, when the political leadership is not capable of this, then war is preferable to allowing evil to prevail. We must come to grips with this truth once again.We can expect the voices that arise calling for the New American Revolution to be blamed for the rising discord, just as Elijah was called the one who troubled Israel. Yet, sin and corruption are the true cause of the trouble, not what exposes them. Unity is a wonderful thing, but not when it comes at the cost of tolerating or allowing evil to subjugate the people. There is a point when it is no longer possible to avoid conflict. When that line has been crossed, our strategy must change from keeping the peace to winning the war. That line has now been crossed in “The American Republic.” It may take a while for others to see this, but it will soon be obvious.When it is settled that the “Second American Revolutionary/Civil War is inevitable, right, and will be successful,” the next step in our preparation is to determine what is “right” about it, and what “successful” looks like from heaven’s perspective.According to I Corinthians 13 we see in part, we know in part, and we prophesy in part. All I have is part of the picture. I will present all that I have in this series, but I understand that this is just part of the whole picture. When I inquired of The Lord about His vision and purpose for our nation, His response was that He gave it to our leaders in the beginning.  It was articulated in our founding documents, and it is in them that we must see them.About two decades ago I began a study to see if I could find a special covenant or mandate that God had given to our country. My prayer for this was Psalm 90:16-17: “Let Your work appear to Your servants and Your majesty to their children. Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; and confirm for us the work of our hands; yes, confirm the work of our hands.” I asked to see His hand and guidance in the founding of our nation, and by this understand His purpose so that our work and prayers for the country would be toward the fulfillment of His purpose, not just certain political goals.In my study, I was surprised by how obvious His handiwork could be seen in our nation’s founding. It was also easy to see the serious trouble we suffered as we deviated from His purpose for us. We are now entering the worst crises in our history when it will be determined if we will live or die as the Republic we have been called to be. If there is anything worth fighting for in our life, it is God’s purpose. If there is anything worth fighting for in our nation, it is God’s purpose for our nation.

The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War, Part 8-Week 8, 2019-Rick Joyner

Over the last 30+ years, I’ve been given dreams that I now understand relate to the reason for the Second American Revolutionary/Civil War. I did not see them as such when I received them, but since my dream on December 14, 2018 they have all come into remarkable focus. I will share these in this study where they fit to help us relate to what is now unfolding.In 1987, I was shown in a prophetic experience that we had been turning to the left as a nation for a long time. I was also shown a coming sharp turn to the left. I was not shown whether this was good or bad, just that it would happen. I was then shown a reaction to this and a turn back to the right. I saw that we would never again make a sharp turn to the left, but there was a danger that we would go too far to the right.I wrote about this in my book, The Harvest. That is also when I was told that an eagle needs both a right wing and a left wing to fly. When the weight shifted to the extreme on either wing, it would crash. So the warning was that extreme turns to the right or left could bring us down.A few years after this, I thought that the extreme turn to the left was with the Clinton Administration. Then I was sure it had to be the Obama Administration that turned the country much further to the left than Clinton. The Trump Administration seems to be the beginning of turning back to the right. Now we have the rise of the new socialists that seem even further to the left, but at this point they do not have the influence to turn the country. What they can do is cause a reaction to tempt us to go even further to the right than we should. The extremes on both the right and the left are enemies of what we are called to be.So will the right or the left lead us to our destiny, our Promise Land? Neither will. Something much higher than either of these is coming. With the increasingly extreme political clamor, it is going to take a new generation of transcendent leadership to both see and steer us toward our destiny and purpose.I’ve studied history for over half a century, and I’ve never seen such remarkable leaders gathered in one place at the same time as I saw in our Founding Fathers. With the possible exception of a mature Lincoln, who he was at the end of his life, it could be argued that we have not had such transcendent leaders since our founding as a nation. What we need now, and what we will be given again, is not just one transcendent leader, but another group of them so that together they will be considered the “new Founding Fathers.” We can also expect some of these to be mothers. The mother element is necessary to see the full vision of what we’re called to be.Somehow we must stop thinking right and left, and start looking up, back to our roots. We also need to see our place in The Scriptures, such as Revelation 12:13-16:And when the dragon saw that he was thrown down to the earth, he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the man-child.But the two wings of the great eagle were given to the woman, so that she could fly into the wilderness to her place, where she was nourished for a time and times and half a time, from the presence of the serpent.And the serpent poured water like a river out of his mouth after the woman, so that he might cause her to be swept away with the flood.But the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and drank up the river which the dragon poured out of his mouth.Until the Advent Movement of 1844, this text was almost universally believed by Protestants and evangelical movements to be speaking about America. The woman here is considered to be who the Apostle Paul referred to as “Jerusalem above who is our mother.” The male child who will rule the nations is Christ, who was born through the nation of Israel and is now being born through the church of those who have been born of Christ by the Spirit. During the Inquisition, the worst persecution against Protestants and Jews in which it was estimated that as many as 50 million in Europe were tortured and killed, the “earth opened” with the discovery of America. This flood of persecution was then swallowed up as the nations of Europe gave their attention to populating this “new world.”Of course, the symbol of the United States is the eagle. In the text, we see that “two wings of a great eagle” were given to help the woman, the church, who was carried to a wilderness, which is what America was at that time. Many, if not most, of the first colonists were Protestant Christians and Jews fleeing the persecution in Europe.For this reason, it seems that one of our basic purposes as a nation is to be a haven for the persecuted Christians and Jews. To this day, Christians and Jews remain the most persecuted people of all. This is not to say that we should not be a haven for other persecuted peoples, but a main purpose that we have is to be a haven for persecuted Christians and Jews, the people who have carried the seed of Christ—the “man-child.”For this reason, the American Republic is called to be a Judeo-Christian nation. We are not a post-Christian nation, we are a pre-Christian nation. Wait and see.

The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War, Part 9-Week 9, 2019-Rick Joyner

One of the questions I am asked most frequently about this coming Second American Revolutionary/Civil War is when it will break out. I have not received anything about the timing, but since publishing this dream, I have received messages from several prophetic people that have given words that civil war would break out in America in 2021. A rationale some have given for this is that Trump will be elected to a second term and this will exacerbate our divisions into violence. Perhaps.I regularly hear words that are attributed to me that I never gave. Often they are the opposite of what I believe. This has been the case with prophecy from the beginning, and we see it with many of the biblical prophets—they had to contend with words from others that countered theirs. This is why it is increasingly important for us to not just seek to hear words from The Lord, but to hear The Word Himself. We must know His voice and follow The Lamb, not just prophetic words.Something like a Revolutionary/Civil War is so dramatic, and its consequences so great, that it can overshadow almost everything else. However, the most important event now unfolding in our country is another Great Awakening. With the Awakening, we can expect revivals to break out in different parts of the country as well as a great spiritual hunger to know The Lord. This is far more important than the Revolutionary/Civil War and will be a main factor in the outcome of this conflict.Things in the natural often parallel what is happening in the Spirit, and there is also a great revolution beginning in the church. Like the revolution that will restore the Constitution as “the supreme law of the land,” a great revolution is coming to the church to restore it to the solid biblical foundation of what church life is intended to be, and even what real Christianity is.Presently, only a small fraction of U.S. Citizens have read the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our ministry’s lawyer took Constitutional law in law school and his class never once referred to the Constitution. They spent all of their time studying Supreme Court decisions because the Supreme Court has usurped the place of the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, and by doing this has become the source of the biggest divisions growing in our country.Likewise, the church is filled with teachers and teaching that is disconnected from The Scriptures; rather, the teaching is based mostly on human thinking and wisdom. One popular evangelical journal did a study of what it was publishing and found that less than one percent of the articles they published had even one reference to Scripture. This is from the church movement that prides itself the most on being devoted to The Scriptures. Spurgeon once said that he could find ten men who would die for The Bible for every one that would read it! It’s still true.There has never been anything, and never will be anything, as revolutionary as the gospel of the kingdom. This is the gospel that Jesus and His disciples preached, but it has not truly been preached since. There has never been anything written—and never will be—as revolutionary as The Scriptures. Just as we can point to the departure from our Constitution as the root of virtually every crisis in our government and country, we can likewise point to the root of the great crises in Christianity and the church to our deviation from sound, biblical truth. The main answer to the crises in our country and the church is to return to the foundations given to us in the Constitution and The Bible.The most important thing we can do to be prepared for the times is to 1) get closer to The Lord, 2) get to know His voice better for our personal guidance, 3) find our place in His body, the church, 4) get the teaching, training, and equipping that we need to function in our ministry (which every Christian has), and 5) get to know The Bible for ourselves.Some of the most popular doctrines embraced by Christians today are not found in The Bible, and many are even contrary to its teaching. Peter warned about the teachings that, “the unstable and untaught distort, just as they do The Scriptures, to their own destruction” (II see Peter 3:16). The foolishness of so many to follow those who are pretenders and disconnected from the truth is the cause of much of the destruction that we are headed for.When a politician today challenges something as “unconstitutional,” more often than not what they are promoting is unconstitutional. Likewise, the same is true of church leaders declaring something to be biblical, or not, when the opposite of what they’re saying is true. When asked about the signs of the end of the age, the first thing The Lord said was “Don’t be deceived.” Many of the other prophecies about the end of this age highlight how deception will be a primary mark of this time. We’re there now.The antidote? Obey the Great Commission and make disciples, not just converts. Those who do not have a devotion to and love for the truth—and the wisdom and the nobility of the Bereans who searched The Scriptures for themselves to check out what the apostles were teaching—will be deceived. Begin by studying what Jesus said about His disciples. A true disciple of Christ has knowing their Master, learning of Him, and becoming like him, doing the works that He did, as the greatest focus of their life. This type of radical, revolutionary Christianity is about to be released on the earth again. The most important thing we can do to prepare for what is coming is to become His disciple, according to His definition of what that is.

The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War Part 10-Week 10, 2019-Rick Joyner

For fifty years I have had dreams, visions, and revelations about the coming revolutions and civil wars in the church. I have written extensively about these, and my most popular books have been about them. What I understood, but did not give too much attention to, is how closely events in the natural parallel what is happening in the Spirit. Connecting these better will help us prepare for both.When we begin to glimpse the kingdom of God and the city that God is building, it is hard to consider anything happening on the earth as important—but it is. We must give it due attention because much of it is happening in preparation for the coming kingdom of God. The emerging spiritual awakening is also imperative for the Revolutionary/Civil War to be successful in the natural. As our national Founding Fathers declared, the Republic they gave to us only works for a moral and religious people, and they admitted that it was “inadequate for governing any others.” There is no way to have a successful outcome in our country’s coming Revolutionary/Civil War if the one in the church does not precede it.We can reconnect our government to the Constitution that embodies God’s wisdom for government, but without a spiritual Awakening in America, it will not be long before it is disconnected again and lawlessness prevails. Our Constitution is not a law that forces righteousness, but it is the construction of a limited government that protects its people from evil and promotes liberty. The Founders were right: this Constitutional Republic can only work for those who want to do what is right because of a strong religious and moral compass in their heart. Therefore, they are given the ability to choose what is right because they love God, righteousness, and justice, and also love, honor, and respect one another. This may sound too good to work for any civil government, and it is without devotion to God and high moral principles by the people governed. In this age of increasing lawlessness, immorality, greed, and all other forms of darkness, this may seem even more unrealistic. It is more than unrealistic—it is impossible without God.“Nothing is impossible for God.” He is not challenged by what may seem difficult or impossible for us. Biblical record and history reveal that He does His best work when the challenge is the most impossible for us. The Christian life He has called us to is not just the most difficult life we can live—it is impossible. No human being can live the Christian life we are called to without Christ! He designed what He called us to as impossible without Him.No human life on this planet can be successful without God. He made man to need Him. We can accomplish what is in our heart without Him, but if such get the chance to ponder their life on their deathbed, they will know it was frivolous, empty, and a failure at what was truly important. Has there yet been anyone on their deathbed who had remorse that they did not make more money, build or accumulate more stuff, or get more of the accolades of men? God is asking us to do the impossible. He wants the American Republic to be a government that will not work without Him. Like Israel of old that had to learn over and over that they could not survive without God, we are now there ourselves. We will not last much longer without Him.As we see in Revelation 11:15, when the seventh trumpet sounds, which is the seventh and last message that goes forth, the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdom of our Lord. There is a transition being prepared, a bridge to the age to come. This is why we are told in Isaiah 40 that we prepare the way for The Lord by building a highway. This highway is God’s “higher-way.” He has a higher way, higher than even man’s greatest wisdom, to do just about everything. This includes government, education, business—everything. To the degree that we align ourselves with His ways is the degree to which we build upon His kingdom that cannot be shaken.  The Founders of the American Republic developed a Constitution for a republic that would limit government, not promote the expansion of it. They understood that anything the government did for its citizens beyond three basic areas would come with strings attached that would ultimately have the people in bondage again. The three areas they believed civil government needed to have authority over was for the common defense, foreign affairs, and interstate commerce. All other authority in the Constitution was remanded “to the states and to the people.” When our federal government went beyond its Constitutional mandate, virtually every crisis we’re now facing began.As C.S. Lewis wrote, “When you make a wrong turn and get on the wrong road it will never turn into the right road. The only way to get on the right road is to go back to where you missed the turn.” We may think that it is impossible to go back to those now. It is if we’re looking to the right or the left, but not if we’re looking up. Remember, “Nothing is impossible for God.”

The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War, Part 11-Week 11, 2019-Rick Joyner

The Great Commission was to make disciples of all nations, not just individuals. The Lord said that when He returned He would divide the nations into “sheep” or “goats.” The sheep are good and the goats are bad. We have come to a time when nations are determining ultimate issues that will result in them being a sheep or goat nation. In this series, I will continue to unpack the dramatic dream I had about the American Republic that deals with ultimate issues of our purpose from heaven’s perspective. Regardless of what country you are from, there will be a level of civil conflict coming in your nation too. Many will be similar to what is unfolding here. Therefore, even though this is American-centric, in many ways it addresses the same basic issues all nations will be facing, as these are all connected to what The Lord said would come at the end of this age.As covered previously, the first two Great Awakenings in America each preceded wars, the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. As we study the primary messages that came from those two Great Awakenings, we can see a direct link from the Awakenings to the wars. So did these great spiritual awakenings cause the wars? In some basic ways they did. The light from these Awakenings exposed the darkness, and this required that it be confronted until it was driven from the land.Could the darkness have been driven from the land by spiritual warfare so that the physical conflicts would not have been necessary? Perhaps. That certainly would have been desirable. However, what I saw in my dream included physical conflict. I saw the nature of this, which I will share later in this study. Even so, it is my conviction that to the degree that  evil strongholds in our land are destroyed spiritually, the degree of the physical conflict will lessen.As we enter the Third Great Awakening in America, we can expect the same kind of light to expose the great darkness in our time. When powers of darkness are exposed, they rage. When they are cast out of their high positions they come to the earth with great wrath, as we see in Revelation 12. God’s provision is to send us great champions of the truth to face specific evil strongholds in our time. They are being sent to completely destroy these strongholds, not just defeat them and push them back. What is happening in the Spirit will be reflected in the natural with rage and conflict.It is always a tragedy when our differences degenerate into violence. It has been a great hope of Western Civilization to rise above war, to eradicate it completely from the earth. That is a noble hope, however, as we see up to the end of the Book of Revelation, there will be increasing war right to the end of the age. As we see in Revelation 7, for a brief time the winds of war (winds of the earth) are held back so that The Lord’s bondservants can be sealed, but this is a short time and the winds are released again. To be prepared for the times we must understand that violence has already begun, and it will get worse for a time. Again, this may be reduced by spiritual victories, but there is now a level of violence that we will not be able to avoid and we must be prepared for—spiritually and physically.A major reason we can expect increasing violence is because of a contingent that not only does not want open debate, but cannot tolerate it. This is the fruit of an education system that no longer educates, but rather indoctrinates. A generation has been conditioned so that if you disagree with them they will be offended, and being offended has been elevated to the level of being considered almost worse than a physical assault. That many are so easily offended is a major cause that will make the physical violence unavoidable. As we are told in Proverbs 18:19, “A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city.”One of the most important things we can do to prepare for the coming conflict is to refuse to be offended. This is basic Christianity and is called “forgiveness.” Jesus forgave the ones who had Him crucified and even those who nailed Him to the cross. Learning to be quick to forgive is basic discipleship and basic to following Christ. To stay on the right side in what is unfolding, we must not engage in the rage and bitterness that is fueled by unforgiveness. We must learn not to react to personal offense, but take the actions that we do because they are the right thing to do.To make it through what is coming upon the world will require all Christians to follow Christ more closely and be more like Him than we ever have. We must guard our hearts, especially from the evil stronghold of unforgiveness and offense. The Lord will help us get ready by allowing opportunities to learn to forgive quickly and totally. Don’t waste these trials. Embrace them as the opportunities they are, especially when you are persecuted for doing what is right. The Lord promised a special blessing for this. See these as an opportunity to get closer to The Lord by bearing your cross to identify with Him, and getting closer to Him will be the greatest blessing of all.

The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War, Part 12-Week 12, 2019-Rick Joyner

 As we began to cover last week, one of the biggest evil strongholds now growing in the U.S. is causing people to be offended by just about anything. The penalty for causing someone to be offended is getting increasingly severe and has even been proposed to be a criminal offense. This has led to people being increasingly controlled by the fear of offending someone to the point of almost completely shackling free expression. This is a basic assault on one of the two linchpin freedoms that all of our other freedoms stand on—the freedom of speech.This has led to another growing bondage in our land—the “tyranny of the minority.” This is how a tiny percentage of people can claim to be offended by something and by this take away the rights of everyone else. This is how prayer was taken out of our public schools, which fueled the assault on just about every other religious expression, a very basic violation of the Constitution. Led by the increasingly dominant thought police, lawmakers and judges have sided with this basic and final assault on our freedom. They are now even proposing that almost anything that is contrary to liberal political correctness is “hate speech” deserving of criminal prosecution.A law was proposed in the European Union recently that would make it a crime to criticize E.U. immigration policy. There have been even more onerous laws proposed in the United Nations that would have been binding on all member nations. It hasn’t happened yet, but that is just one step away from making it a crime to criticize any policy, which is just one step away from the release of a worldwide Gestapo.We may think that America would never fall that far, but we have tended to only be a few steps behind such trends in Europe. However, the American Republic is not going to fall that far, not because we are so much smarter or stronger, but because of the grace of God. A major pushback is coming against all of the PC madness that has sought to bind and micro-manage people until they are compliant automatons.In II Corinthians 3:17, we are told that “where the Spirit of The Lord is, there is liberty.” The subjugation of the people is always an attempt to hinder the moving of The Spirit of The Lord, and the spirit behind the PC madness and the subsequent laws is an attempt to inhibit the coming greatest move of God that there has ever been.It is now easy to see the factors that are causing the internal social pressures to increase until they explode. A major factor that we need to see and address is how the church is responsible for this. What we release in heaven, or from our high position, gets released on the earth. What we bind in the high position we’ve been called to will get bound on the earth. Is this basic intolerance of freedom of speech or freedom of thought not dominate in most of the church? The seeds of intolerance now expanding in the world were sown by the Pharisaical spirit in much of the church. Even with the great movements that were born out of a revelation that recovered and restored biblical truth to the church, almost all quickly became intolerant of any who did not agree with them, or presumed to go even further in the pursuit of the truth. That is the spirit that operated in the Pharisees, not Jesus.This is not to imply that we should let anyone teach anything in the church. We must have a devotion to adhering to sound biblical teaching, but we must do this because we love the truth, not because we are threatened by those who see some things differently. The spirit of intolerance is evil regardless of where it is found. The counter to this spirit is not tolerance of anything, but rather a love for the truth that defends and protects the truth in the Spirit of Christ.The church is responsible for allowing many evils to be released into these times by what we have tolerated, but the church will also be the source of what breaks the power of this evil. A new revolution is coming to the church, and then through it. The result of this will be the release of great champions of the truth that will be some of the most powerful messengers to walk the earth.As we see in Revelation 12, when Satan is cast out of heaven, or the high positions he controls, he will come to the earth with great wrath. Because Satan dwells in darkness, just his exposure by the light begins to break his power, and he will react to the coming light with all of the violence he can muster. There are now many conditioned reactionaries who will come in great violence who must not be confused with the righteous revolutionaries. Presently, most of our divisions have been cast in political terms, either liberal or conservative. There are other alternatives to these two. There is a transcendent truth, a transcendent cause that is beyond politics, and it will ultimately prevail. Just as a basic military strategy is to take the high ground and fight from it, we must do the same. We must not get pulled down into the low ground of smaller issues.

The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War, Part 13-Week 13, 2019-Rick Joyner

It is basic military doctrine that you cannot defeat an enemy you do not see. Seeing the enemy implies understanding him. Just as the most effective military leaders are those who learn the ways of their adversaries so they can counter them, we are commanded not to be ignorant of the enemy’s schemes.After studying our nation’s founding and being convinced that the hand of God was in it and that our founding documents were inspired by wisdom from above, it was easy to see how the enemy would seek to destroy us and thereby destroy God’s purpose for our nation. In my dream, I saw one word in large caps that summed up our purpose: LIBERTY. This was followed by “and justice for all.” We cannot have true liberty if it is not for all, and we cannot have true justice unless it is for all.One of the primary linchpins holding our Constitution together has been under relentless assault by the enemies of our freedom. This assault has come primarily through the courts by activist judges. Their ultimate target has been our religious liberty, and a main strategy has been to set us adrift by a false interpretation of the relationship between the church and the state established in the Constitution.It is very possible that none of these judges really knew the impact of their decisions and how they were an assault on our Constitution and therefore our Republic. Just as Jesus prayed for those who crucified Him to be forgiven because they did not know what they were doing, this is often the case by those used by the devil. This is why we are told that we do not war against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and powers using people to do their work. Even so, we must see the strategy to counter it.Nowhere in the Constitution is there mention of the separation of the church and state. This is a major fallacy and deception by which the enemies of the truth have worked to destroy a linchpin of our Republic—the freedom of religion. Most Americans, and even many conservatives who promote adherence to the Constitution, believe this lie. What is actually stated is that “congress will establish no religion, or prohibit the free exercise thereof.” This was intended to keep the federal government out of the church, not the other way around. The Founders even argued that the Republic could not last without the influence of the church.Again, the term “separation of church and state” is not found in the Constitution or any other founding documents. Those who say that it is are only revealing their ignorance of the Constitution. This term was coined by Thomas Jefferson in his letters to the Danbury Baptists. That term, and his letters, were intended to ensure them that the church would be protected from the intrusion of the state, not the other way around. This false interpretation of the Constitution and its wrong application has resulted in the attempt to use the government, especially the courts, to inhibit the freedom of religion in America. This is itself a serious violation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.We can see that in the year this began to be wrongly applied by the Supreme Court to remove prayer from public schools, America began its present meltdown in morality, righteousness, and justice. By this decision, the Supreme Court allowed a tiny fraction of the population that were atheists and agnostics to sever one of the most basic and important provisions of the Constitution and violate the religious liberty of the  rest of the country.For this to be allowed to stand—and the way that it was done through the Supreme Court without even being contested—has led to the eroding of many other basic liberties, and now has our continued existence as a Republic in jeopardy. It did this by allowing the judicial tyranny to go to a new level of intrusion on the authority of the other branches of government, the states, and the people.As application of Supreme Court decisions have become even more intrusive into these domains, it has brought us to the crisis point where it will be determined if we live or die as a Republic. To be the salt and light that Christians are called to be, we must resolve to stand against evil, injustice, and tyranny. We are called to be “freedom fighters” and it should be fundamental to all Christians to fight for “liberty and justice for all.”Stewardship is one of the basic ways we will be judged as faithful or unfaithful to The Lord, as Jesus explained in the Parable of the Talents. This is not just about stewarding our money or stuff, but also stewarding all that God has entrusted to us. As Americans we must be good stewards of the freedoms that have been entrusted to us.The only commandment that God gave with a promise attached is to honor our fathers and mothers. The promise given for doing this is that it would “go well” with us and that our days would be prolonged. What could be more dishonoring of our national fathers and mothers than to lose what was entrusted to us on our watch, that which was paid for by such a dear price? America has been called “the home of the brave,” and we have been preserved by the courage and sacrifice of many. Now it is our turn.Courage is the greatest need we have today in our Christian and national leadership. When the first apostles were threatened by the Sanhedrin they did not pray for more wisdom, protection, or even more power; they prayed for boldness. Boldness is the fruit of courage. We are about to see a bold new breed of leader arise.